From a post to Baen's Bar BuShips dated January 23, 2002:

Manticoran Admiralty

    Typos, he said with dignity, creep in at the darnedest places...

    The actual areas of responsibility are:

First Lord: overall coordination of naval policy as directed by Cabinet.
Second Lord: budgetary and fiscal management.
Third Lord: health and manpower.

First Space Lord: overall strategic direction, force structure management, and deployment.
Second Space Lord: BuPlan. Operational & tactical planning and intelligence functions.
Third Space Lord: BuShips. Construction & maintenance in accordance with Second Lord's directions.
Fourth Space Lord: BuWeaps. R&D -- general, but especially of weapons. Originally, all R&D except that on weapons was lodged with BuShips, but the R&D functions were consolidated under the Fourth Space Lord approx. 175 T-years before On Basilisk Station [1725PD - Ed.].
Fifth Space Lord: BuPers. Recruiting & manpower management.
Sixth Space Lord: BuTrain. Training and education in association with Third Lord and Fifth Space Lord.
Seventh Space Lord: BuMed. Responsible for health & medical treatment of all Fleet personnel, including management of all Fleet hospitals.

    Directly under the First Space Lord's direction are the Type Commanders (each a full or fleet admiral charged with the maintenance and training of a specific class of naval vessel) and the Strategy Board (First, Second, & Sixth Space Lords, plus Type Commanders and associated planning staff).