From a post to DAVIDWEBER.NET forums on 10/31/2011

Issue on the original end-paper maps

    Friar Bob has just illuminated a problem I think we've been having since OAR. To wit: a map typo on the detail map (pp 7-6 of the hardcover) which clearly shows the words "Desnairian Empire" right on top of "Southguard Province" and close to the Gulf of Tarot and the kingdom of the same name.

    Southguard belongs to the Republic, not Siddarmark [I'm pretty sure he meant to type 'Desnair' -Ed.]. It has never belonged to Desnair. I'm not sure how this happened, but in the first couple of books, TOR couldn't access my master map software directly. They were working from JPEGs, instead, and there were several issues about properly placing labels on the printed maps. Clearly this is one I didn't notice at the time, probably because I know exactly where Desnair is which led my eye to jump over it with a knee jerk mental reflex which was more worried about spelling than physical location. If these are the "vanishing provinces" people were asking about, that's the answer to how/why they "vanished;" they never belonged to Desnair in the first place. I would point out that Siddarmark has provinces and Desnair doesn't (it has things like earldoms and duchies, instead), which should probably have been a clue, but I see exactly how the typo could have led to confusion on this point. Thanks, Friar!