From an email posted to Baen's Bar BuShips dated June 7, 2005:

The Mesan Navy

    The snippets [from At All Costs] have now gotten to the point at which Anisimovna and Bardasano are reporting to Detweiler before being sent off to the Talbott Cluster. In light of the apparent revelations in this scene, several people are speculating on whether or not Mesa/Manpower has its own equivalent of Bolthole tucked away somewhere. Do you care to comment on whether or not there really is a "Manpower Navy," and, if there is one, exactly how the Manties and Havenites have failed to realize that there is?


    Manpower does not have an equivalent of Bolthole, and the Mesan Navy is no larger than the one ONI and the Republic of Haven know about. Please consider the exact phrasing of that response very carefully. Tum, te, tum, te, tum…



    From a post to Baen's Bar Honorverse dated March 17, 2009:


    More on the Mesan Navy


    …There's been some discussion about whether or not the Mesan Alignment has the resources and capability to pose a significant threat to the Manticoran Alliance and/or the Republic of Haven. On this particular point, I invite your attention to an earlier statement of mine to the effect that Mesa did not possess certain elements of military infrastructure. The reason I do this is that the statement which I made was about Mesa, and not about the Mesan Alignment. Remember that the Alignment has spent about 600 years getting ready for this moment. Admittedly, they've been slightly rushed in the very final phase of their preparations, but I would suggest to you that a bunch which is basically is capable as the Alignment would make darn sure that it had a pretty impressive (and reliable) military and/or economic-political backup in place.