From an email posted to Baen's Bar Honorverse dated October 21, 2004:

The Union of Monica

    Territorially, this is a two-system political unit. In terms of population and industry, it is effectively a single-system polity and Tyler thinks of it as such. All of the population, industry, etc., is located in the Monica System itself. The Taylor System has a couple of nice planets, but nobody living on them. About half the land area of each of the planets was handed out by Tyler's father as prizes to his supporters, but nothing's ever really been done to develop it, because (a) Monica doesn't have the tech base/financial resources/population base to develop two entirely virgin worlds, and (b) because there hasn't really been any pressure to do so. Monica snabbled the second system up mainly to keep anyone else from moving in on it, and there are some very minor asteroid mining operations and a handful of homesteaders in the system. Otherwise, it's essentially a big empty spot waiting for a population boom. Just like, by the way, several other stars within the area of the Talbott Cluster.