From an email posted to Baen's Bar Honorverse dated October 21, 2004:

The status of the Lynx System

    Lynx applied for membership in the SKM immediately. For all practical purposes, you can think of them as having sent the request back aboard the survey ship that discovered the Terminus. Since the vote was damned near unanimous, and since the Manty policy was to secure sovereigny over termini anyway, it went through immediately on the High Ridge watch. (I thought I'd touched on this in WoH, but I don't have time right now to go back and check.) At any rate, Lynx was granted membership in the SKM on the same basis as San Martin -- that is, exactly the same terms as Manticore, Sphynx, Gryphon, and San Martin -- and will be directly represented in the SKM's existing Parliament. The rest of the cluster applied for annexation several months after Lynx, only after Van Dort had time to get his annexation vote organized and carried. And since it applied as a multi-system territorial unit, everyone understood that the arrangements for its admission to the SKM (or the SEM, or whatever it becomes) would have to be different from that of the existing "core worlds" of the SKM. Hence Lynx is not represented at the Constitutional Convention which is deciding the basis on which the TC will join the SKM; it's already a member of the SKM and, as such, has adopted the provisions of the existing Manticoran Constitution with the same slight federalism overlay San Martin has. The admission terms for the rest of the clust with probably (tum, te, tum, te, tum) be significantly different from that. The map showing a single system and Terminus in a single symbol is in error, although the stars in question are so close together that a separate symbol for each would be a problem. Administratively, oversight and management for the Lynx Terminus may wind up being located in the Lynx System, or it may simply be located in a deep space facility in the terminus system itself. I've deliberately allowed the Manties (and other people living in the Honorverse) to be a bit sloppy in their terminology where things like this are concerned, just as we tend to be in our own present day world.