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Honor should have gone to Haven before Sanskrit

commissar wrote:
runsforcelery wrote:

    Her sense of loyalty to her personnel and of duty to her Star Kingdom overrode her personal doubts (doubts, not certainty) about the wisdom of the Star Kingdom's foreign policy and military strategy, although it is possible that if her resignation could have stopped the operation and somehow forced Elizabeth to return to the peace talks, she might — might, I say — have gone ahead and resigned anyway.

    Than she should have taken 8th fleet to Haven, asked them about assassinations than return to Manticore.

    Her career would be shot to hell (unauthorized contact with the enemy), Elizabeth wouldn't believe a word she said or ever trust her again, but Nimitz would know the truth. And so would Arial. And Queen couldn't ignore that.

    You do realize that Honor is an officer in the Navy, don't you?

    Your suggestion above would be sort of like Admiral Spruance being assigned to invade Okinawa — and every single member of his staff and every single subordinate commander in the operations knowing that that was where they were all under orders to go — and his deciding to sail into Tokyo Bay to conduct unilateral negotiations with Emperor Hirohito and General Tojo on the basis of information from a known Japanese agent. There is no way — no wayin the entire universe that Honor could have gotten away with doing that even if it would have crossed her mind for a single moment to take it upon herself to disobey a legal order given to her by her legal superiors on the basis of a possibility — or even a probability — she couldn't confirm. And that's completely overlooking the fact that the hardware she was taking into battle had never been tested in battle, which is hardly the time to be sailing into the middle of the most heavily defended star system the enemy has.

    It might — might — have made sense for her to resign her commission, climb aboard the Paul Tankersley, and pull a Rudolf Hess by flying to Haven (instead of Scotland) on her own initiative. It would have made no sense, and (in fact) have been a combined act of mutiny and arguably treason for her to have attempted to take Eighth Fleet to Haven on her own authority and in defiance of the orders she'd been issued directly by the First Space Lord in her Queen's name. I cannot conceive of a set of circumstances under which Honor Harrington would even contemplate such an action, and even if she were capable of doing that, Alice Truman, Alistair McKeon, and her other task force and squadron commanders would flatly refuse to obey her when she tried to do it.