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Planning story elements ahead

Annachie wrote:

    Would I be right in saying that some of the things that occur in the first couple of books are "Grain of salt" things. ie: Written about or commented on before the ideas were fully developed and thus slightly different from what might have happened or been written if those ideas were fully developed?


    Um. Yes and no. The main portions of most all of the concepts and organizations for the Honorverse were in place in fairly detailed (if somewhat skeletal) form before I ever began the series. Note that I did say "most," but none that hadn't already been worked out were involved in "the first couple of books." What happened with time was that the original skeletons grew larger and more detailed. There were at least three instance I can think of in which the tech bible's original provisions were outright changed in that process. I believe I've specifically discussed one of them before: my decision to go with the constitutional requirement that the PM come from the House of Lords instead of the House of Commons. I actually made that change before I wrote the second book (it wasn't a factor in the first two or three books), but when we published the background information in SVW, I got the wrong, first-gen copy of the tech bible to Baen somehow. Marvelous how you can keep so many potentially confusing files on the same damned hard drive, isn't it? <G> I don't know if the other two I'm thinking about have ever come up or been misstated in the series, and I'm not going to tell you what they are, either, on the assumption that even if they have been, they are sleeping dogs so long as no one's noticed them!