From a post to Baen's Bar BuShips dated November 8, 2002:

Wayfarer's cargo doors: jettisoning them

    Might a system be developed to jettison the doors in case of a problem? Are the doors a hinged or tracked design? If hinged, explosive bolts would be sufficient, but tracked doors present a different problem. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to find such a system in place already, because of the problems Wayfarer had. Especially considering who was on the WDB at the time. I'm sure Honor Harrington wouldn't let something like that past without an option in case of emergencies like the one she faced


    Honor's input was one of the main reasons the six-panel design was adopted.

    Given the size and massive armoring of these hatches (which retract sideways into armored recesses in the hull), easy jettisoning is not a prominent factor in their design. The WDB and RMN decided that they preferred to accept the loss of one rail to the failure of any given door rather than create a large, vulnerable weak spot in their armoring scheme.